Monday, July 26, 2010

Who are Velvet and Nyx?

...and more importantly, why is Nick spelled Nyx?

I thought up Velvet and Nyx's world long before I began a career as an adult urban fantasy writer, but it just never seemed to gel in my head and hair before fall of 2009. Basically, it's a set of stories and novels set in Purgatory, that vague place between heaven and hell. I was always interested in the concept, but intentionally didn't research other's ideas of Purgatory because I didn't want to cloud this vision of a dystopian city (which it is).

Velvet is the leader of a commando extraction and clean-up team called the Salvagers, just one of many such teams in Purgatory, but, as it happens so many times in Fiction, Velvet's is the BEST, bitches! The Salvagers consist of a pair of poltergeists (Luisa and Logan), an undertaker (Nick) and a body thief (Velvet). I wanted those job's to be just that, titles. They're all the same but their different abilities determine their part in the team. The job of the Salvagers is to save trapped earthbound souls, disrupt black magic spells and generally police the cracks between the worlds of the living and the dead. Not doing so has DIRE consequences!

The stories are as much about romance as they are about deadly hauntings and evil spirits. So expect some sparks and hot making out.

Currently, VERMILLION, the short story in the KISS ME DEADLY: 13 TALES OF PARANORMAL LOVE is the only story available, however, my agent will be shopping the trilogy as soon as I finish revisions. So keep your fingers crossed.

ps. Nyx is Velvet's pet name for Nick. They're kind of in love.


  1. Cool.. this story sound great I will have to pick of the Kiss Me Deadly compilation. When can we get it?

  2. Wow, I expected a horror book that I would never want to read, but this sounds pretty badass!