Monday, November 21, 2011

Velveteen News!

Oh yes. There's been progress. Check out the news!!! And, again, feel free to leave a comment and stuff.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So I try not to dispense a lot of writing advice, mostly because I feel like it's kind of played out in the blogoverse, but I do, occasionally, take special requests. Never during Karaoke, though. When I'm on the mic, it's Night Ranger's Sister Christian, every time. Kidding. I'll keep my favorite song to myself. This week's vlog was a special request from Melissa over at The Metalhead Bookworm. She wanted a query letter how-to. So, being a kindly sort of asshole, I complied. Here goes, Melissa! Questions? Comments? Requests?

Dear Teen Me

So there's this really cool project out there called Dear Teen Me. The bloggers collect letters from tons of YA authors to their teen selves. Some are touching, some funny, and all of them are awesome. Well. Go see who has a letter up! Moi... Dear Teen Me, I’m writing to you from a not-so-far away future. Okay, that may be stretching the truth a bit. I’m a little further away than that. Fine. I’m 43. You’ve made it! Those premature gray hairs you’ve noticed? The ones you keep plucking? I’m afraid we’ve lost the battle... (read more)