Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Carniepunk: the Book and the Tour!

Today's the day, y'all. The Carniepunk anthology with my short story The Sweeter the Juice hits shelves, ereaders and headphones today! So if you're in the mood for creepy carnivals, circusfolk or, like me, just a bunch of junkies wrapped in cotton candy, then step right up and prepare yourself for some of the weirdest shit to hit the Urban Fantasy scene in YEARS!

The Sweeter the Juice tackles that time honored question: what the hell is a drug-addicted pre-op transsexual gonna do during a zombie apocalypse. Hormones are on short supply and surgeons are even fewer and further between. If you like a little, or a lot, of horror in your urban fantasy, this is the story for you. The carny element in this one takes a Mardi Gras approach, floats, dancing, dead bodies. The usual.

AND...there are tons of other authors who've contributed slices of their brains to Carniepunk, too! Including a group of folks I'll be hanging out with this week in Texas! If you're going to be in Dallas, Houston or Austin in the coming week, plan on checking out the following events!

DALLAS  Thursday * July 25th * 5 & 7 PM

Two Carniepunk events for you Dallas folks! First up: the ladies of Fresh Fiction are hosting a dinner with myself, Nicole Peeler and Jaye Wells with our special guest Liliana Hart (author of ) at Maggiano's Little Italy at 5 PM. As I'm not flying in until 2 PM, I'll have to entertain revelers with my Just-In-Town Sitz Bath. For FREE tickets click here!

Immediately following dinner, at 7 PM the four of us will head over to the Lincoln Park Barnes & Noble for the main event, readings, signings and an illegal amount of snark will be proffered for your sick amusement.

HOUSTON  Saturday * July 27th * 4:30 PM

Johnniecakes (alias) over at Murder by the Book was the one who got the train for this tour rolling in the first place by inviting all the authors in Carniepunk down for a ginormous release event. And lots of us bit. Houston is going to be full of degenerates on Saturday afternoon at 4:30 PM until we finish tattooing everybody--don't worry, we're amateurs so you'll be able to lie to your friends about "that one time in prison." Authors in attendance: Delilah S. Dawson, Kevin Hearne, Mark Henry, Nicole Peeler, Jaye Wells and moderating our heathen antics, Liliana Hart.

AUSTIN  Monday * July 29th * 7 PM

Last but not least, the original foursome will be dropping into the Book People for a full blown snarkfest. We'll have plenty of road stories back then so it's sure to be a good time for us, possibly the audience, too, it's hard to say. Feel free to pray for us in the aisles, we may need it. The show starts at 7 PM and ends when we've offended the last person!

Please note: If you're coming to see me as Daniel Marks, I'll be happy to sign copies of Velveteen, but be aware, these are not kid-friendly events. There may be smut-readings, foul language and plenty of things that might end us up in jail, soooo...there's that.

So don't forget to pick up your copy, download or listen of Carniepunk! The link will take you to the Simon and Schuster site so you can order from wherever your conscience allows!