Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Excitement is Building!

I went over the proof pages for Vermillion this week and got to see all the other contributor's stories (which I'll be reading soon-2 months early--take that!!!). Looks like I win at being a windbag. Vermillion is the longest story of the bunch (by about a half a page). A little about the story: It's set almost entirely in Purgatory, so all the characters (mostly) are dead, there's romance, sexual subterfuge, human body possessions and stuff. I hope people like it.

And because people are going to ask, Vermillion is actually the sequel to a trilogy of Velvet and Nyx books (which I haven't finished working on yet--though I'm close, so damn close). Hope to be going on submission (that means my agent will be pimping the first book to publishers) by the end of this month!

Wish me luck!!!

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