Tuesday, January 8, 2013

When Creativity Meets Depression

I had quite a few requests to begin incorporating my background into these posts and so I complied. Here's the first in a series of dramatic overshares about my life, depression, mental health, creativity and how all that intersects with my writing...

Where are you with your "stuff?"


  1. No matter who or why are depress, it ever finish and ALL the thinks comes better, all the ideas become greats. Don't worry, ever is like that :)
    P.D. Is that a Ouija table? o_o
    P.D.D. Sorry if I maybe write bad, but I'm no so much good in the english.


  2. It is ALWAYS helpful to hear personal experiences with depression... and it's kind of fortuitous that I stumbled onto your vlog today. I really needed this. Thanks.